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Ultralift LM Magnetic Lifters are the Solution for a Clamping Challenge

Location: Bridgnorth, UK

Eclipse Product Installed: Ultralift LM 250Kg Lifter

Industry: Timber Processing Equipment

Process Type: Roof-Truss Assembly

Application Background

AV Birch is a leading engineering and manufacturing equipment builder. This project was with AV Birch Timber Engineering  Division, which manufactures bespoke equipment for manufacturing roof trusses, floor joists, and sawmill machinery - including, sawing, stacking, pressing, and general handling machinery. This particular project was to solve a clamping challenge on their Magna-Truss gantry system, which is used to assemble roof trusses.  

The Challenge

AV Birch design and build the Magna-Truss gantry system, which uses a channel jig system to hold roof truss timber in position while it is nail-plated together to form the roof truss structure. Each gantry system consists of a series of Magna-Loc pedestals.

Each pedestal base needs to be securely attached to a steel floor plate to prevent any movement. It is imperative that the roof truss specifications are replicated; any pedestal movement or slippage can result in variances in the finished product. The clamping solution had to be easily switchable, as there was also a requirement for the pedestal to be moved when required to accommodate a multitude of different truss specifications.

The AV Birch engineers initially trialled 110-volt electronically powered magnets. While this satisfied the switchable requirement , they incurred excess energy costs and required trailing  power cables, which represented a health and safety risk. 

The Solution

More commonly used for the safe lifting and handling of steel bars and blocks in steelworks, stockholders, and fabrication shops, Ultralift LM lifters were seen as the ideal solution for this vital clamping role.

Ultralift LM 250-kg lifting magnets were then trialled and found to fulfil the project requirements. They provided enough clamping force to ensure the Magna-Loc pedestals were securely held in place, but they could also be easily released and adjusted when required. Powered by permanent magnets, the Ultralift LMs require no additional external energy source. This  removed the need for any trailing cable hazards and any on-going electricity costs. 


Scott Heyes, Timber Engineering Division Director at AV Birch, comments, "The Ultralift LM lifters have proved perfect for our clamping application. They prevent any movement on the pedestals while the roof trusses are being finished, and when required, they are simple to release. We also like dealing with a UK-based supplier so we can access stock at short notice."

To find out more, visit www.avbirch.co.uk or contact [email protected]. To discover more about our range of magnetic lifters  click here.