Sugar Processing

Eclipse Product Installed: Auto Shuttle Magnetic Separator

Industry: Food processing

Finished Product: Sugar

Application Background

Cristal Union are one of the world’s largest sugar producers they refine 35% of France’s beet output and employ around 1500 people across 10 sites. They took the decision to review their contamination control systems at the Bazancourt refinery in France. The famous “Daddy” brand is produced on this site.


Due to the large amount of process equipment and high volume plant capacity, the risk of tramp metal and fine metal contamination being present in the finished product is high. The company needed an efficient a high performance solution which was automated and did not cause any reduction or slowing down in the production process.


Eclipse designed and manufactured an automatically cleaning magnet. The Auto Shuttle magnet features 3 rows of high intensity rare earth magnets and therefore offers continual protection 24/7. During a cleaning sequence each row of magnets is cleaned independently thus leaving two rows in situ at all times. This system is able to maintain flow and production rates at the optimum levels. This was installed in-line as the processed sugar is fed from a silo to the packaging line. The Auto Shuttle units are available with Inlets/Outlets up to 600mm x 600mm and can handle in excess of 100m3/hour. The high intensity magnets remove all ferrous contamination, even sub-micron size particles, with no reduction in production rates. The unit is fully ATEX approved.

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