Magnetic Technology for Critical Aerospace Applications

Our Magnet Materials and Assemblies are incorporated into critical equipment in a range of aerospace applications. We supply magnets or finished magnetic assemblies for leading Aerospace projects via companies such as Eaton AerospacePallNP AerospaceBAEMoog Aerospace and ABB. All our manufacturing is carried out under an ISO9001 quality management system and our design and development facilities are approved to TS16949.

Magnet design services

Value Adding Services

We have a wealth of in-house resources and expertise in working with design and development teams within large aerospace companies. We provide a range of value-adding services including design consultation, 3DFEA analysis, prototyping & validation, field testing & monitoring, rotor balancing and micron accurate machining.


Aerospace Magnet Design Solutions

We understand the needs of aerospace customers to design commercially viable product solutions that have reduced weight, flawless long-term performance in the harshest conditions, longer service life, reduced cost and higher efficiency. Whether the application is for sensing an actuator position, using magnets to detect fluid flow rates, making magnetic fuel pumps, through to magnets for use in high-temperature generators, Eclipse Magnetics can design, specify, produce samples, send for customer approval and then mass produce to meet your aerospace requirements.

We design to meet critical requirements for pull forces, torques, field strengths, temperature, sensor specifications, etc. Our magnetic solutions include weight reduction, miniaturization, higher efficiency, greater holding force, improved pull versus distance, cost reduction and even reduction of Rare Earth material use. We can supply our solutions with FAI and/or C of C

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Example of magnets used in Aerospace applications

Examples of Magnets used in Aerospace Applications include:

  • Magnets for Gauges
  • Magnets for Speakers
  • Magnets for Servo actuators
  • Magnets for Radar TWT
  • Magnets for PM Generator rotor assemblies
  • Fuel Pump magnets
  • Flow Regulator magnets
  • Magnets for missiles
  • Cryogenic magnets for space
  • Holding magnets in seats
  • Magnets for Position and Speed sensors
  • Magnets for Air compressors
  • Magnets for Engine driven generators
  • Magnets for Tachometer generators