Magnetic Separators for Sugar Processing Lines

Protecting Crystallized Sugar at Post-Screening and Scalping Stages

Eclipse Magnetics are experts in protecting sugar beet and cane processing lines from metal contamination. Much of the 180 million tonnes of annual sugar production are protected by one of our systems.

Sugar refining processes

Sugar refining processes are at risk from metal contamination

Sugar refining processes are at risk from metal contamination at all stages of production from equipment wear or engineering work. Our foreign body removal systems extract even the finest metal contamination particles (including stainless steel). Our magnetic separators are primarily used post screening and scalping to remove metal contamination before finished product bulk discharge or packaging.

We offer both manual and fully automatic solutions, engineered to handle high-volume operations, and adhere to strict hygiene standard.

Our systems are an integral part of robust HACCP plans

Our Auto-shuttle separator is ideal for installation on the gravity feed from the screening/scalping process to the silos or holding bins. Its high-intensity magnetic circuit ensures even the finest magnetic and para-magnetic particles are removed. It is suitable for high volume throughput up to 200 tonnes per hour.

Our systems are an integral part of robust HACCP plans (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), as determined by International Food Safety Standard ISO 22000.