Supermill Magnetic Chuck

Enables faster feed rates and greater accuracy in precision milling

  • Failsafe magnetic technology - maintains hold even if power is cut
  • Maximizes feed rates - no time wasted fitting and positioning clamps
  • Uniform clamping - eliminates vibration
  • 5-side access to the workpiece
  • Push-button remote control
  • Supplied with pole extensions
  • Instantaneous 10 tonnes per ft of clamping force

Overview - Supermill Magnetic Chuck

Fast, fail-safe clamping

The ultimate permanent electro-magnetic chuck for heavy-duty milling applications. Supermill is constructed from solid steel and brass; it incorporates high-intensity Neodymium magnets to ensure an extremely robust, high-performance clamping system. It is ideal for steel plates from 0.6" to 11.8" (15mm to 300mm) thick. Supermill outperforms traditional clamping systems and other milling chucks, offering several process advantages.

Supermill cuts cycle times by 70%. This actual example shows how Supermill can make an enormous difference to production efficiency.

Example: A batch of 50 plate steel components, each one measuring 6.8 ft x 3.4 ft x 0.6 inches (2.06m x 1.045m x 16mm) thick with a machining path length of 20.4 ft (6.21m) are machined on a 40 H.P. milling machine with an 18.0 ft (5.5m) long bed. A carbide cutter is used to mill a 45-degree profile at a feed rate of 24 inches/minute (610mm/minute).

Using traditional mechanical clamps (12 required).

  • Time taken to load each component, clamp, remove the workpiece and clean the bed (20 minutes)
  • Obstructed cutting path, time taken to remove and reposition the workpiece to gain access to all faces (36 minutes)
  • Time spent cutting the component (10.2 minutes)

Total cycle time per component (66.2 minutes) Using Supermill

  • Time taken to load each component, position, clamp and clean (10 minutes)
  • No time taken to re-position as access is available for machining 5 sides (0 minutes)
  • Time spent cutting the component (10.2 minutes)

Total cycle time (20.2 minutes)