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Off-the-Shelf and Bespoke Magnetic Solutions

With over 100 years of magnetic expertise, we are one of the world's leading magnet  suppliers. We can help you turn your ideas into profit by applying magnetism to maximise performance efficiency or reducing costs. We work closely with our clients to produce value-adding magnetic solutions with either an existing off-the-shelf magnet from our UK stock, such as a ring, bar, disc or magnetic block or designing a bespoke magnet or a full magnetic assembly. As a leading UK magnet supplier we have  a wealth of magnetic resource and expertise,  we can help you  fulfill your next generation design projects. 

Whatever the Magnetic Project, We Have the Solution

As a leading magnet manufacturer,  we have access to cutting-edge, high-performance hard, soft and flexible magnet materials, including neodymium (rare earth or NdFeB) magnets, samarium cobalt magnets (SmCo), ferrite  (ceramic) magnets and alnico magnets. Each is available in a choice of grades, strengths and surface finishes.  Find out more about Pot Magnets.

Customised Magnets and Magnetic Assemblies

Customised Magnets & Magnetic Assemblies

Using our extensive facilities, we provide customised industrial or commercial magnet  design, working to precise client specifications. We also design and produce complete bespoke magnetic assemblies which incorporate the magnet with a non-magnetic alloy or housing. From simple pot magnet to complex motor or audio equipment sub-assembly we can handle any industrial  or commercial magnet project. Our focus is to apply magnetism to give our customer the edge in the following:-

  • Performance advantages e.g. improved accuracy or cycle times 
  • Design advantages e.g. space-saving designs       
  • Cost reduction advantages e.g. reduced unit prices
  • Reduced lead time or inventory gains
  • Environmental advantages e.g. energy saving, waste minimisation 
Off the shelf magnets

Off-the-Shelf Magnets

Often we can provide an immediate off-the-shelf magnet or magnetic assembly available from  our UK magnet stock. We have a wealth of stock magnet materials  for industrial ,commercial or household applications, with a wide ranging choice of  shapes, sizes,  characteristics and features. We can also provide extensive advice regarding the best magnetic option for your application. Explore our range of stock magnets that can be found in Magnetic Aids & Stock Magnets

bespoke magnet design

Diverse Magnet Applications

Our industrial magnets and magnetic assemblies are widely used in most industries including automotive, food, steel, communications, aerospace and engineering as well as in commercial office and retail premises. We have considerable expertise in producing bespoke magnets and complete magnetic assemblies for the electronics, automotive, aerospace, pumps, audio equipment, sensors and security sectors.

Our magnetic expertise is also utilised by research and development companies and academic institutions who are looking for a magnetic assembly or magnetic solution.

If you have a customised industrial or commercial magnet or magnetic assembly project to discuss, please contact us.

made to order magnets

Quality Tells, Quality Sells……

Customers require Quality magnets that will work as they expect each and every time.  To help customers achieve their Quality requirements, we at Eclipse Magnetics have a UK Quality Control system that allows us to audit our factories, suppliers and sub-contractors to ensure the magnets and magnetic assemblies are made and supplied to specification.

Eclipse Magnetics aims to provide zero defects in its products and to supply our magnets on time as per our acknowledged delivery dates.  We perform continual reviews into ways to improve what we do to provide the best service performance to its customers.  Our Quality Management System and maximising Customer Satisfaction are both at the heart of how we operate.