Magnetic Overband Separator | Eclipse Magnetics

Magnetic Overband Separator

Removes tramp style steel items from conveyors in recycling, quarrying and heavy industries

  • Locate above flat or trough type conveyors
  • More economical than electromagnets
  • Automated cleaning ideal for 24/7 operations
  • Various sizes and models available

Overview - Magnetic Overband Separator

Heavy duty separator for recycling, quarrying and heavy industries

Permanent overband magnets from can be placed above flat or trough type conveyors. Large permanent magnetic packs generate deep penetrating magnetic flux fields that attract and remove ‘tramp’ type steel items.

This unit is considerably cheaper to purchase and run than electromagnetic units, and the only power consumption is for the geared drive. When considering installation points it should be noted that steel belt support rollers will need to be changed to non-magnetic ones due to possible flux field absorption.

Suitable for all conveyable products, wood chip, biomass, recyclables, aggregates, coal etc.
Can be installed above transfer conveyors, vibratory feeder outlets etc

Continuous self cleaning
Designed for 24/7 operation
Allows difficult products to be screened
Removes large to medium sized contamination

Magnetic Performance: 3,500 Gauss
Performance Reading:  100 Series = 100mm*, 200 Series = 200mm* 300 Series = 300mm*
Electrical Spec:  415 / 380 Volts industrial three phase IP65 rated motor gearbox
Temperature: -20°C / +60°C

Frame: powder coated mild steel
Rollers : mild steel
Belting: Vulcanised rubber with ultrasonically welded cleats
Lifting points: Galvanised forged steel eyes