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A Beginners Guide to Magnetism & Magnet Materials

From complex hi-tech communication equipment to everyday household items, we are surrounded by magnets in our daily lives. They are vital components of most technology or mechanical based equipment. Unsung heroes that make our lives easier, more efficient & more secure. 

If you want to understand the basics of magnetism, need to know more about the different types of magnet materials or are just simply curious, register for this short webinar today.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How & where was magnetism discovered?
  • What different magnet materials are available?
  • What makes a magnet magnetic?
  • Do different magnet materials perform differently?
  • What are magnetic poles, field & circuits?
  • Some health & safety tips when handling magnets



More about the presenter

Tim Hollingsworth

Tim Hollingsworth, has over 36 years of magnetic experience helping businesses innovate, optimise and profit through the use of magnetic technology. Tim has a wealth of experience dealing with large companies on major development projects in various industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Automation, Security Systems, Retail and Audio systems.

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A Beginners Guide to Magnetism & Magnet Materials