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Find out more about Micromag Magnetic Filter

Reducing costs, improving quality and minimising downtime are challenges faced daily by machine tool operators and other precision metal finishing operations. Having efficient fluid filtration is key to a trouble-free process. For just a small investment Micromag could be the answer to your problems. Using high performance magnetic circuits it minimises the need for consumable barrier filters whilst ensuring even the smallest contamination particles are extracted. Find out how Micromag could make a big difference for your process.

They may come in the form of tiny metal particles that are not visible to the naked eye. When mixed into the coolant, these ferrous particles can cause damage in slides and pumps, clog filters, compromise seals, or cause machinery to suffer. Internal components can also become degraded, which eventually leads to more frequent maintenance.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • What is the Micromag Magnetic Filter?
  • How can Micromag improve your machine & fluid effiency?
  • Micromag for high pressure, through spindle coolant applications
  • Typical industries & applications where Micromag can be used
  • Typical installation points for best performance
  • Watch the Micromag animation
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Duncan Haley - Technical Expert

Duncan Haley has over 20 years sales and technical experience in various industrial products, including fluid management and engineering projects a wealth of experience with industry leading products.

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Find our more about Micromag Magnetic Filter